You can use DexGuard. Protecting Android applications and SDKs against reverse engineering and hacking.DexGuard offers extensive customization options to enable you to adapt the applied protection to your security and performance requirements.DexGuard prevents attackers from gaining insight into your source code and modify it or extract valuable information ...


You can set FacebookAutoLogAppEventsEnabled to false in the config.xml file, add it under the platform tag. This will add the value to the plist-file in XCode. <platform name="ios"> <config-file parent="FacebookAutoLogAppEventsEnabled" target="*-Info.plist"> <false /> </config-file> </platform>


Follow these steps in order to generate the correct key hashes. Open your project in android studio and run the project. Click on Gradle menu. Select your app and expand task tree. Double click on android -> signingReport and see the magic Result after clicking above tab Copy the SHA1 key and browse SHA1 key to key hash After converting the SHA1 key to ...

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