Fiddler (aka "Fiddler classic") is a .net based web debugging proxy, which allows you to log, examine, modify and replay HTTP/HTTPS traffic from your computer.

The tool shows an overview of HTTP(S) requests and details about the selected request(s) - see the screenshot below.

It allows you to inspect both the request and response, filter data that are (un)interesting, as well as modify (by script or manually) and/or replay chosen requests. The request/response list can be also saved and loaded.

Fiddler is also available as a .NET library, FiddlerCore, and as a capture-only FiddlerCap tool (useful, for example, for collecting debug traffic data from customers).

It is a free-to-use tool; requires MS Windows 2000 or later and Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or later. Download page here ("beta" is actually very stable and offers more features)


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