GitHub pages are static web pages hosted on GitHub.

GitHub Pages reside inside a repository on . They can be built manually and pushed as the final HTML output, or they can be pushed as a page, which will then be built directly on GitHub.

On August 18, 2016, GitHub made it unnecessary to have a gh-pages branch - now you can select any branch and directory as the source for the documentation.

GitHub differentiates between three types of pages:

  • User pages (Portfolio websites)
  • Organization pages (Websites specific to an Organisation)
  • Project pages (Websites specific to a Project)

Setting up User pages and Organization pages.

  • Create a Repository named where 'username' your GitHub username or Organisation name.
  • Edit or create HTML pages and Push it to this newly created Repo.

Setting up Project pages

Lately a website generator was added to GitHub pages which allows you to build a page with just some clicks.

More Resources in GitHub Pages

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