Google Analytics is a free web analytics solution that uses JavaScript to send data. Use for questions only about implementing the JavaScript portion. Questions related to Google Analytics data or usage should be submitted to

With Google Analytics, you can see where your traffic comes from, how users interact with your content, and measure revenue from sales, ads, and other conversions. Google Analytics is a highly customizable solution that integrates with other Google products and services, like AdWords and BigQuery, as well as 3rd party tools and apps. You can also use Google Analytics as the basis for your own custom tools or use it to integrate with your own existing data sources.

Collection APIs & SDKs

Set up Google Analytics to collect data from websites, mobile apps, and other data sources:

Configuration APIs

Programmatically manage your Google Analytics accounts, users, and data:.

Reporting APIs

Retrieve your data and create custom reports:

Demos & Tools

Developers to discover what's possible with the Google Analytics Platform. Explore what’s possible and learn how to build powerful and flexible applications with the Google Analytics Demos & Tools.

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