Use for questions about Google Apps Script, Google's server side Javascript V8-based cloud scripting platform for automating tasks across Google products and third-party services. Use in addition to relevant product-specific (e.g. [google-sheets], [google-docs]) or API-specific (e.g. [google-drive-api]) tags where applicable

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Google Apps Script is a server side Javascript-based cloud scripting platform for automating tasks across Google products and third-party services.

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General information:
  • Well researched questions are better received by the community. You can start researching by reading or searching the issue in the official developer documentation and the FAQ. Don't ask questions because you want to know the answer, ask questions because you want others to know the answer!

  • Avoid asking questions that are goal oriented. Split up your goal into smaller questions and ask them one by one. For eg, avoid asking "How to create a Google sheet with sports information from this API?". Instead, start writing your code and if you run into a problem getting the correct information, ask "How to send the correct authentication request to this sports API using my username and password, as sending it directly gives me 404?". The latter is a programming question. The former is a business project. Asking volunteers to do unpaid work is frowned upon. See Why is "Can someone help me" not a actual question?

  • Always provide minimal reproducible example. The code should be as minimal as possible, preferably within ten to fifteen lines of code. This requires you to debug your code and takes effort on your part. You can start the process by "Starting from scratch". Don't start with where you are and start reducing. Start from scratch and start adding one by one. See minimal reproducible example.

  • If you reach this point and you are still struggling on how to fix / improve your first question, please read What is the proper way to approach Stack Overflow as someone totally new to programming?. You might also post a question on Meta Stack Overflow including a link to your post. If you get an error when trying to post to Meta, please checkout I'm asking a question about my own post, but I'm still prompted that I need 5 reputation to post here. What gives?.

Specific information:

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