Use this tag for questions about interacting with Google Sheets programmatically. Use with: [google-apps-script] for questions relating to inbuilt scripting language, [google-sheets-formula] for questions relating to formula design or [google-sheets-api] and the tag of language (eg:[python]) for questions relating to sheets api usage.

Google Sheets is a cloud-based application and service for creating and collaborating on spreadsheet documents. The service supports an internal API for Google Apps Script as well as an External API.

Sharing your data:

Sharing your data helps other community members in visualizing your data. This can be done through

  • Tables:
    Markdown help can be found here. You can easily create a table using the formula: =ARRAYFORMULA("|"&A1:G20), if you want to share A1:G20. However, the first row A1:G1 must be a header row AND the second row A2:G2 should only contain dashes -- in all the cells.
  • Published Google sheets:
    In the sheets file, click File > Share > Publish to web.

  • Share to others:
    In the sheets file, click File > Share to others > Anyone with link. Note, however that sharing Google sheets this way makes your email address visible to public

  • Screenshots:
    This shows your data structure but makes it hard for anyone to copy data from the question for testing

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