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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free Tag Manager solution for web or mobile. It automates the management of JavaScript code sequences which are used to send 'tags' from your website or mobile app to third parties. Supported tags include those from Google and DoubleClick (Google Analytics and DoubleClick Floodlight Sales, for example), and selected 'Certified Vendor' tags.

Basic Implementation

Deploy and update measurement tags on your websites and mobile apps without major code changes and app releases.


Basic implementation to make temporary changes without changing source code.

Great for: Social tracking pixels, basic analytics, minor tweaks


Advanced Implementation

Many tag management operations can be achieved by just doing the basic code installation, but if you'd like to have finer grain control over tag events or data, you may want to use some customization using our asynchronous methods.


Advanced implementations rely on using the Google Tag Manager API and/or the "data layer". Careful planning and rules will help keep required minor changes from bloating application source code.

Best for: enhanced ecommerce tracking, compliance or security requirements, advanced analytics, AB testing, User Feedback Loops, or other custom configurations.