SAP HANA is SAP SE’s implementation of in-memory database technology. Not to be confused with similarly named products and technologies e.g. S/4 HANA, Boost.Hana, SAP HANA Vora, or SAP Cloud (SAPcp)


SAP HANA is a development platform and database management system that uses in-memory database technology allowing the processing of massive amounts in real-time.

It integrates a wide range of data processing capabilities (predictive analytics, SQL, Geospatial, graph processing, data stream analytics, data warehousing, machine learning) with enterprise grade data management and with modern application development/deployment tools (cloud foundry style containers).

SAP HANA is the data processing platform SAP uses for all its products and the basis for future developments.

A resource streamlined version of SAP HANA on a free license up to 32 GB (including productive scenarios) is available for download and for deployment in cloud PaaS setups like AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud Platform (HANA Express Edition, see link below).

Available interfaces & Capabilities

  • JDBC
  • ODBC
  • ODBO (OLE DB for OLAP, used for business intelligence)
  • SQLDBC (C++)
  • Python DBAPI
  • MDX
  • node.js HDB library
  • SQL and SQL Script
  • Text Analysis and Text Mining
  • Graph Data processing
  • Hadoop and Spark integration
  • node.js, Java and Bring Your Own Language development
  • Geospatial data processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Streaming


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