iMacros is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers which adds record and replay functionality similar to that found in web testing and form filler software.

iMacros is a web automation toolset provided as a standalone application (iMacros Browser) and as an add-on/extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Recommendations for users asking questions in the tag:

  • Mention your Full Config Info (FCI): iMacros Version [+ 'Free'/'PE'/'Trial'/'Pro'/'Ent'] + Browser [+ Version] + OS.
    • Example 1: iMacros v10.1.1 for Chrome, 'Free', Chrome 94, Win10 Pro x64.
    • Example 2: iMacros v8.9.7 for FF, 'Free', FF v55.0.3, Win10.

Related tags: and

Questions should generally be tagged with only if your question is about a '.js' script or about the iMacros EVAL() command. Be sure to mention "iMacros" in your question title to make clear that it's about iMacros and not in-browser JavaScript.

The same recommendations apply when selecting the tag along with the one. Keep in mind, though, that regex is (nearly) never the "best" solution with iMacros.

Lastly, like for all other tags and other programming languages on this site, post your script so far when relevant. Users are here to help you, but nobody will write an entire multi-part script from scratch. Please see How do I ask a good question?


Company History:

iOpus => Ipswitch => Progress