IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE by JetBrains. It primarily supports Java development, but also supports JavaScript, Groovy, HTML, CSS, RSS, R, Haskell, PHP, Ruby, Python, Scala, Swift, Clojure, Kotlin, Hybris, Gradle and others. Questions specifically concerning usage and problems in both Community and Ultimate Editions should use this tag. However, if you have a problem with something else and just happen to be using IntelliJ, please don't use this tag.

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE by JetBrains. It is often simply referred to as "IDEA" or "IntelliJ". First released in 2001, it is mostly focused on boosting the developer's productivity, providing a wide set of automated refactorings to ease evolutions of the codebase.

Its rich plugin development API can be used to add almost any type of functionality, including support of new languages and frameworks, and has been used to provide VCS integration (Git, CVS), build management (Maven, Gradle, Ant), database tools and support for Spring and JEE application servers.

The Ultimate (commercial) version of the tool offers support for enterprise-class development, while the open-source (free) version is often used for Android, Groovy, Scala, and web development. A 30-day, fully functional trial of the Ultimate Edition for various platforms can be downloaded for free.

Questions about how to use IntelliJ and problems you may be experiencing with it are all welcome. However, if you're using IntelliJ but your problem seems to be with something else then you probably don't need to use this tag.

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