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Ionic is a front-end framework for developing native-feeling hybrid mobile apps with HTML and Sass. Traditionally, it runs on top of Cordova and Angular, but since Ionic 4 it supports Angular, React, Vue.js and Web Components running on top of Cordova or Capacitor.


Ionic Framework is an open-source hybrid mobile application development framework that helps in building cross-platform mobile applications with standard web technologies like , , and s.

Ionic Framework is focused on giving a native-like UI experience, built on top of web technologies.

Traditionally, it has used Apache and . Since January 2019, Ionic 4 allows developers to choose multiple frameworks including , , , and web components.

Ionic also has a rich Command Line Interface which enables the developers to create, build, test and deploy applications.

Ionic 4 supports multiple frameworks by building its components using , a compiler that creates Web Components.

The Ionic Team are also developing an alternative to Cordova, called Capacitor. is a cross-platform app runtime that allows developers to build web apps that run natively on iOS, Android, Electron and the web.

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