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Questions tagged [kontent-ai]

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1 answer
75 views date time picker

I am using the built in Date & Time picker for a document/file component. When we leave the time field set to 12:00AM for certain dates, the data returned by the API is subtracting an ...
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Order items by linkedItem element field

I'm struggling to order items returned via the delivery rest API using a field on the linked item of that piece of content. My content model is as follows: Web Page - contains generic ...
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1 answer

How can I add a validation regex to a Kontent slug element using the Kontent JS Management SDK

Hi there :) I'm struggling to add a validation regex to the URL Slug in my Content Type. I can set it manually e.g. But I want to set it programmatically using the JS Management SDK. This is one of ...
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3 answers

Kentico.Kontent.Management The type or namespace name 'AssetIdentifier' could not be found

I have generated a model with Kentico.Kontent.ModelGenerator 6.0.1: public partial class Car { [JsonProperty("about_image")] public IEnumerable<AssetIdentifier> ...
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2 answers

What is the process for adding Groups to an existing type in Kontent Management API v2 with C#?

If I simply attempt to add a Group using the Kontent Management API (v2) to an existing Kontent type I get the following error (see code below which generates this error): Validation errors: ...
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Kentico Kontent and Vue 3

I'm searching for a simple example on how to create a component in Vue 3 using data out of Kontent. More specifically, I'm trying to list items of a certain content type. I tried to refactor the Vue ...
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Customizing Kentico Kontent

Is there a way to customize Kentico Kontent (cloud) to add a plugin? Requirements for the plugin: Can have HTML UI Loads on every content item Can extract text from content elements Can select ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why is Kentico-Kontent .NET SDK running in Blazor WebAssembly GetItemsAsync<T>() returning items of all types?

I have been trying out Blazor WebAssembly and attempting to connect to an existing Kentico Kontent API. I generated models using the DotNet Tool KontentModelGenerator which I then pass to Kentico's ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Gatsby + Kontent - navigation and breadcrumbs

UPDATE Digging a little deeper into the Gatsby docs I've found what looks like some potential solutions in: https://www....
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