Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose high-level programming language with type inference. This tag is often used alongside additional tags for the different targets (JVM, JavaScript, native, etc.) and libraries/frameworks (Android, Spring, etc.) used by Kotlin developers, if the question relates specifically to those topics.

Kotlin is a concise multiplatform language developed by JetBrains and Contributors.

It supports JVM bytecode, JavaScript, and Native code as compilation targets, and it has been an officially supported first-class language on Android since Google I/O 2017. The goals with Kotlin are to make it concise, safe, versatile, and have it be seamlessly interoperable with existing Java libraries.

On November 1st 2023, the JetBrains team released version 1.9.2 (announcement / github release tag).

The current major version is 1.9.2.

How to ask

If you are using Kotlin and your question is related to it, then you should add this tag. You should explain what do you intend to achieve, how did you try to achieve it, what the experienced behavior is and how is that different from your expectations.

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