LibQxt is an extension library for the Qt framework.

LibQxt is an extension library for Qt providing a suite of cross-platform utility classes to add functionality not readily available in .

The most recent version of libQxt is 0.6.2.

Supported platforms

  • Linux*/X11
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

Qxt Modules

Qxt consists of several modules, each of which lives in a separate library:

  • QxtBerkeley: The QxtBerkeley module provides a Qt interface to the Berkeley DB.
  • QxtCore: The QxtCore module extends QtCore and contains core non-GUI functionality.
  • QxtGui: The QxtGui module extends QxtCore and QtGui.
  • QxtNetwork: The QxtNetwork module extends QtNetwork with RPC functionality.
  • QxtSql: The QxtSql module extends QtSql with serializable queries.
  • QxtWeb: The QxtWeb module provides tools for creating web services using Qt.
  • QxtZeroconf: Qxt QxtZeroconf module implements configure free service discovery

Some features

  • QSlider with two buttons
  • Rotating & richtext buttons and labels
  • LineEdit with sample text
  • managing many screen settings
  • String SpinBox
  • Check ComboBox
  • Global Shortcut (hot keys)
  • Schedule View
  • Tooltip with arbitrary widget on it
  • RPC(connecting signals and slots through network)
  • QxtSQLPackage (Sending SQL query result through network or to a file)
  • QxtSlotMapper (Map a signal to slots based on parameter value)