MapKit is Apple's framework for presenting and annotating scrollable and zoom-enabled maps on iOS, IPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.

MapKit is Apple's framework for presenting and annotating maps for iOS, IPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. Maps are rendered via the MKMapView control, which offers scrolling, zooming, and optionally real-time highlighting of the user's current location on both traditional maps as well as satellite imagery.

Maps can be further customized by:

  • Adding annotations (information about a point on the map), which can then be represented on the MKMapView using annotation views, graphical representations (such as a drop pin or a custom image). Annotations also may have associated attributes (such as text that can appear in a callout box that appears when you tap on an annotation view), and these callout boxes can also have additional behaviors (e.g. left and right accessory controls that you can use to perform custom operations, etc);

  • Adding overlays, graphical representations between a collection of map points (e.g. a MKPolyline that represents one or more line segments, such as a path, along the map; a MKPolygon that represents a shaded portion of the map defined by the coordinates of a polygon, a MKCircle that represents a shaded circle around a particular map point, etc.). Overlays are represented by MKOverlayView objects which define the particulars of how the overlay is represented (line thickness, line color, shading, etc.).

  • The Map Kit framework also provides local search capabilities (as of iOS 6.1, OS X 10.9), via MKLocalSearch, which will asynchronously return establishments and points of interest based upon the search criteria.

The reverse geocoding, via MKReverseGeocoder, is deprecated as of iOS 5.0, superseded by the CLGeocoder class of the Core Location framework

MapKit is part of the following SDKs:

  • iOS 3.0 and later,
  • macOS 10.9 and later,
  • Mac Catalyst 13.0 and later,
  • tvOS 9.2 and later,
  • watchOS 2.0 and later.

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