First of all, if we write the member block or directly write the get routes inside the resources both are considered as member routes. Its the rails convention to differentiate between both of the routes. If we write the member block it is considered that all the routes declared within that block are declared from the member block explicitly. resources :...


from my experience each architecture pattern of those was invented to solve specific problem that the previous one ignored or wasn't observed yet. MVC - Model View Controller in UI applications the responsibilty of rendering the data to the screen, or the business logic clas and bind those together at first wasn't clear. so MVC came to define those ...


You need to define an array of colors in the option colors. Then for your legend, you can use modulo operator (%) to display the right color from that array. In my example below: color_morris is the array of color i is the index parsed color_morris[i%color_morris.length]

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