Navicat is a series of graphical database management and development software produced by PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd. for MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Navicat has an Explorer-like graphical user interface and supports multiple database connections for local and remote databases.

It's design is made to meet the needs of a variety of audiences, from database administrators and programmers to various businesses/companies that serve clients and share information with partners.

Navicat is a cross-platform tool and works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Upon purchase, users are able to select a language for the software from eight available languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.


Navicat Premium

In 2009, PremiumSoft released Navicat Premium, a series of Navicat software that combines all previous Navicat versions into a single version and can connect to different database types including MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL simultaneously, allowing users to do data migration between cross databases. Navicat Premium version also supports cross-platform administration, serving Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In April 2010, version 9 of Navicat Premium was released, which added the connectivity of SQLite database to Navicat Premium, allowing Navicat Premium to connect to MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite in a single application. In November 2010, support for Microsoft SQL Server was added. In January 2011, SQL Azure was included. In November 2013, added the support of MariaDB.

Navicat Essentials

Navicat Essentials was officially released in November 2011. This is a simple Navicat version for commercial use. The Essentials editions of Navicat lack several features found in the Standard/Enterprise editions, including form view, record filtering, visual query building, data modeling and options for import, export and backup of data, etc.

Navicat Data Modeler

Navicat Data Modeler Windows version was officially released in March 2012. Then, Mac OS X and Linux version were released in May 2012 and June 2012. This is a standalone product for developers to create data models for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases. Navicat Data Modeler allows users to visually design database structures, perform reverse/forward engineer process, import table structures from ODBC data sources, generate SQL files and print models to files, etc.

Navicat iOS

In August 2014, PremiumSoft released a new product - Navicat iOS. It is a database administration tool developed for iOS with features included object viewer & designer, query builder & editor, Navicat Cloud, server monitor, etc. MySQL was supported in the first release. Then, Navicat for PostgreSQL iOS version was released in January 2015.


Navicat's features include:

  • visual query-builder
  • SSH and HTTP tunneling
  • data and structure migration and synchronization
  • import and export and backup of data
  • report builder
  • task scheduling and wizards tool

There are differences in the features available across operating systems. Navicat also supports forks of MySQL such as Drizzle, OurDelta, and Percona.

Navicat is shareware tool with 30-day trial. Latest version is 12.*.