Neo4j is an open-source graph database (GDB) well suited to connected data. Please mention your exact version of Neo4j when asking questions. You can use it for recommendation engines, fraud detection, graph-based search, network ops/security, and many other user cases. The database is accessed via official drivers in Java, JavaScript, Python and .NET, or community-contributed drivers in PHP, Ruby, R, Golang, Elixir, Swift and more.

Neo4j is a open-source, transactional, high-performance native graph database.

Neo4j stores its data as a graph: Nodes are connected through Relationships, both with arbitrary properties. Neo4j features a graph-centric declarative query language called Cypher. Its drivers support many programming languages. More details in the Online Training and the Neo4j Manual.

Neo4j offers a fully-managed cloud database (Database as a service) called Neo4j AuraDB.

For questions that are not suitable for the Stack Overflow Q&A Format, please reach out on Discord. Neo4j also maintains a public Feedback Board for feature ideas and future development directions.

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