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Free open source shopping cart system written in PHP and based on MVC architecture. Questions regarding third party extensions, templates, or how to do what in administration should not be asked here - use the developer's support, OpenCart support team or OpenCart forums for this kind of question.

OpenCart is a free open source shopping cart system written in PHP and released under GNU GPL License.

The currently active versions of OpenCart are very different in how they are structured, so please be sure to indicate your version number when asking a question on StackOverflow.

These are minimum requirements needed for OpenCart:

  • Web Server (Apache suggested)
  • PHP (at least 5.4)
  • cURL enabled
  • Database (MySQLi suggested)

Other required, optionally required or preferred settings:

  • register_globals OFF
  • magic_quotes_gpc OFF
  • file_uploads ON
  • session_auto_start OFF
  • mcrypt library loaded
  • zlib library loaded (for output compressing)

There is a large number of community made 'extensions' that expand OpenCart, both paid and free.

There is also an active & strong user support base, with forums for discussions.

You may contribute to the project using the GitHub repository

There is also a frontend demo and backend demo of OpenCart - login with demo/demo.

You can download any version of Opencart from this url

You can also browse the extensions from this url

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