OrientDB is a multi-Model, Open Source, NoSQL, DBMS that combines the power of graphs and the flexibility of documents into one scalable, high-performance operational database.

OrientDB supports and combines wide spectrum of the most popular features and concepts which can be found in various types of database management systems, for example:

  • document oriented storage
  • graph oriented: implements tinkerpop and provides support for the Gremlin graph traversal language
  • object oriented: can work directly with POJO
  • record relationships managed with direct connections
  • data querying through subset of SQL with extensions to handle relationships without joins
  • ACID transactions
  • schema modes: schema-less, schema-full and schema-mixed
  • fast binary and RESTful protocols and various language drivers
  • runs on Linux, Windows and any system that supports the Java technology
  • embeddable - local mode to use the database bypassing the Server
  • light - about 1MB for the full server
  • console and web based management
  • open source Apache 2 License

OrientDB management and querying system is straightforward and easy to use for people with RDBMS experience and also for people coming from NoSQL world and newcomers. It is written in Java and uses indexing algorithm called MVRB-Tree, derived from the Red-Black Tree and from the B+Tree with benefits of both: fast insertion and ultra fast lookup.

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