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Native Java library for mission critical automated PDF workflows originally developed as part of Adobe LiveCycle and made available to third-party developers by Datalogics.

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit is a native Java library that provides high-level APIs for automating PDF workflows like processing PDF forms, verifying digital signatures, and extracting text. It also offers low-level APIs for working directly with the structure of the PDF for those times you need it. While written with Java developers in mind, Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit can be used with any JVM language (Clojure, Scala, Groovy, etc.).

Benefits of using Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit :

  • Developed by Adobe and brought to market by Datalogics so developers can build applications that are interoperable with Adobe products
  • Unparalleled form support - import, export, run format or calculation scripts, and barcode generation
  • Manage digital signatures - create signature fields, sign existing fields, or verify signatures
  • Redact and sanitize - remove sensitive data from your documents including hidden text, bookmarks, annotations, and metadata
  • Simplified document creation - create text based PDFs without worrying about line, paragraph, or page breaks