PIT is a fast bytecode-based mutation testing system for Java.

PIT is a state of the art mutation testing system, providing gold standard test coverage for Java and the jvm. It's fast, scalable and integrates with modern test and build tooling (Gradle, Maven, IntellJ IDEA, Eclipse ...).

What is a mutation?
A mutation is a piece of code added or modified in an application code base.

What is mutation testing?
A mutation (fault) can create side effects or not at all. Those side effects can be detected (ie fault killed) by the application tests suite or not. The more faults killed by the application tests suite, the better the suite is. However, when a fault keeps living, here comes mutation testing.

How does PIT mutation testing work?
It detects whether each statement is meaningfully tested by running unit tests against automatically modified versions of the application code. PIT chooses and prioritises tests based on three factors: Line coverage, Test execution speed and Test naming convention.

More details: http://pitest.org, http://pitest.org/faq