Do not use this tag like Prologue and Epilogue. Prolog is the most commonly used logic programming language. It supports non-deterministic programming through chronological backtracking and pattern matching through unification.

Prolog is the oldest and most popular logic programming language. Its built-in features include non-deterministic programming through backtracking and a powerful parser formalism called Definite Clause Grammars (DCG) . Modern variants often support some form of constraint programming. It is used for automated reasoning, deductive databases, planning and scheduling tasks, natural language processing, engines for web/business rules and is often used to introduce the declarative paradigm in school.

There is an ISO/IEC standard for Prolog .

Further efforts in harmonizing implementations can be found at Prolog Commons.

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  1. SWI-Prolog (free)
  2. SICStus (commercial)
  3. YAP (free)
  4. GNU Prolog (free)
  5. XSB (free)
  6. B (commercial)
  7. IF (commercial)
  8. Ciao (free)
  9. Minerva (commercial)
  10. ECLiPSe-CLP (free)
  11. Jekejeke Prolog (commercial)
  12. Prolog IV
  13. Tau Prolog (free)


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