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The Prometheus monitoring system, including the server, alert manager, push gateway, exporters, client libraries and other components.

Prometheus is a go-based open-source monitoring system inspired by Google's approach to monitoring.

Prometheus itself is a time-series storage server that periodically pulls metrics from monitored entities. These metrics can then be queried and alerted-upon using simple query and alert languages.

Prometheus comes with a suite of supporting tools like alertmanager, exporters and client libraries, designed to work together in providing a highly scalable and complete monitoring solution. Metric visualizations is usually done with Grafana, which seamlessly connects with Prometheus.

Prometheus's official site.

Read more about Prometheus's approach here:

  • This article explains Prometheus metric gathering approach for beginners.

  • This chapter from the online book "Site Reliability Engineering" describes Google's monitoring system Borgmon. Prometheus is mentioned in this chapter and was designed with Google's approach in mind.