QObject is a Qt class which serves as a base class for all Qt objects.

QObject is the center of Qt object model. QObjects are organized as trees, where one objects can become parents to others, taking ownership for them, and being responsible for freeing heir children's resources on deletion.

Each QObject has a name, which can be accessed. It also provides a way to search in, or to iterate through it's children. Objects can also receive and filter events.

When deriving a class from QObject, one must remember to include a special Q_OBJECT macro in a private section of the class, which is a mandatory for every class that uses signals and slots, or any other features of Qt's meta-object system.

A QObject instance is said to have a thread affinity, or that it lives in a certain thread. When a QObject receives a queued signal or a posted event, the slot or event handler will run in the thread that the object lives in.

Official documentation of QObject can be found here.