Questions specifically relating to the deprecated version 4.x.x of the Qt C++ GUI library. If your question applies to the current major version of Qt, use the tag [qt].

Qt 4.x is a specific series of releases of the Qt GUI library. Use this tag if your question only applies to Qt 4.x, and not to Qt 3.x or Qt 5.x. If your question applies to Qt in general, use the tag .

Trolltech released Qt 4.0 on June 28, 2005 and introduced five new technologies in the framework:

  • Tulip: A set of template container classes.
  • Interview: A model/view architecture for item views.
  • Arthur: A 2D painting framework.
  • Scribe: A Unicode text renderer with a public API for performing low-level text layout.
  • MainWindow: A modern action-based main window, toolbar, menu, and docking architecture.

The latest official 4.x release is 4.8.6 (April 24, 2014). The major version indicates API compatibility.

It has been noted that, Qt 4.8 is officially supported till "19.12.2015", In order to get official support it is better to port to Qt5

A list of the supported platforms for version 4.8 can be found here

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