Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is Java's object-oriented remote procedure call (RPC) mechanism.

Java's Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is the standard object-oriented RPC mechanism in all versions of Java. RMI is built upon the Java platform's object serialization mechanism, provides a simple naming service, and provides a distributed garbage collection (DGC) mechanism.

There are at least three RMI protocols: JRMP: Java Remote Method Protocol, built into the JDK; RMI/IIOP: Internet Inter-Orb Protocol, from CORBA, built into the JDK; and JERI: Java Extensible Remote Invocation, which was the subject of two rejected JSRs and eventually appeared in Jini 2.0, whose main purpose was to greatly improve several aspects of secure RMI. RMI/IIOP is the standard protocol for J2EE, although various J2EE vendors have their own protocols as well.