Semantic UI is a development framework for creating responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML and Javascript.

Semantic UI is a component framework based around useful principles from natural language. SUI can be used to helps create beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML. Semantic UI is powered by Less and jQuery. It has a flat design look. The goal of the framework is to empower designers and developers by creating a language for sharing UI.

Current version: Semantic UI v2.3.3

Key Features

  • 50+ UI elements
  • 3000 + CSS variables
  • 3 Levels of variable inheritance (similar to SublimeText)
  • Built with EM values for responsive design
  • Flexbox friendly

Structure of Components

  • Element
  • Collection
  • View
  • Module
  • Behavior

Browser Support

  • Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, IE 10+, Safari Mac
  • IE 10+
  • Android 4

Browser prefixes are present for Internet Explorer 9, but the browser is not officially supported for all components.

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