Sensu is an open source monitoring framework written in ruby.

Sensu ( is often described as the "monitoring router". Most simply put, Sensu connects "check" scripts run across many nodes with "handler" scripts run on one or more Sensu servers. Checks are used, for example, to determine if Apache is up or down. Checks can also be used to collect metrics (such as MySQL or Apache statistics). The output of checks is routed to one or more handlers. Handlers determine what to do with the results of checks. Handlers currently exist for sending alerts via email, as well as to various external services such as Pagerduty, IRC, Twitter, etc. Handlers can also feed metrics into Graphite, Librato, etc. Writing checks and handlers is quite simple and can be done in any language.

Key details:

  • (EventMachine, Sinatra, AMQP), ,
  • Excellent test coverage with continuous integration via travis-ci
  • Messaging oriented architecture. Messages are objects.
  • Ability to re-use existing Nagios plugins
  • Plugins and handlers (think notifications) can be written in any language
  • Supports sending metrics into various backends (Graphite, Librato, etc)
  • Designed with modern configuration management systems such as or in mind
  • Designed for cloud environments
  • Lightweight, less than 1200 lines of code
  • "Omnibus" style packages for easy, low-friction deployments!