Sikuli IDE is an Integrated Development Environment for sikuli script. It supports in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Sikuli IDE is used for writing sikuli script by capturing/taking screenshot, inserting image and creating region. The commands are available/visible at the left panel in Sikuli IDE. They can be included in script just by clicking. The commands are categorized as below:

-> Find
-> Mouse Actions
-> Keyboard Actions
-> Event Observation

Sikuli IDE edits and runs Sikuli source scripts. Sikuli IDE integrates screen capturing and a custom text editor (SikuliPane) to optimize the usability of writing a Sikuli script. To show embedded images in the SikuliPane, all string literals that ends with ”.png” are replaced by a custom JButton object, ImageButton. If a user adjusts the image pattern’s similarity, a Pattern() is automatically constructed on top of the image.

To execute a Sikuli script, Sikuli IDE creates a org.python.util.PythonInterpreter and automatically passes a few lines of headers (e.g. to import Sikuli’s Jython modules, and to set the path to .sikuli directory) to the interpreter. Once these headers are set, the .py script is simply executed by PythonInterpreter.execfile().

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