Solace's open data movement technology gives you the freedom to embrace hybrid computing by offering real-time event-driven publish/subscribe, streaming, request/reply and persistent message routing with zero risk of getting locked into API or environments. Solace runs in public and private clouds, supports open APIs and protocols like JMS, MQTT, Paho, OpenMAMA and REST, and offers APIs for popular programming languages.

Solace Technology and Tools

  • Virtual Message Router: Software message broker that runs in wide range of public cloud, private cloud and legacy/on-premise computing environments.
  • Message Router Appliances: Purpose-built hardware appliances that offer unparalleled capacity, performance and TCO in a compact footprint.
  • Any APIs: Solace accepts connections from third party client libraries and data movement technology which support open wire protocols such as MQTT and REST or open APIs like JMS and OpenMAMA.
  • Any Cloud: Solace runs in all kinds of environments so you can easily link assets that live in diverse environments, and migrate workloads as your needs evolve. Examples include AWS, BlueMix, OpenStack, Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Native APIs: Provide robust, uniform client access to all of Solace’s capabilities.

Tips for Getting Help Fast

Solace product experts monitor this tag for questions and suggestions. To help them respond to you as quickly and effectively as possible, please do the following:

  1. Indicate the API language, version, and platform you are working with.
  2. Include the Solace message router type. I.e. Virtual message router or a message router appliance.
  3. Include in the version of SolOS that message router is running.

More Helpful Resources

Our developer portal at provides lots of resources you might find useful including software downloads, product documentation, tutorials and integration guides for a variety of third-party and open source products.

  • Tutorials to help you set up a Solace message router and configure it for pub/sub messaging.
  • Full product documentation including docs specific to all of Solace’s management APIs, enterprise messaging APIs and web/mobile messaging APIs.
  • Integration Guides for popular commercial and open source technologies you’re likely to want to integrate with Solace.
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