Sony is an electronics and media company. Only programming questions about Sony's APIs and SDKs are on topic. This tag should not be used for customer/product support.

Sony commercializes a variety of products such as audio players, TVs, gaming consoles, digital cameras and smartphones.

Note that Sony has no relationship with StackOverflow.

Official developer website

Sony Developer World general Sony developer resources.
Sony Developer World Mobile for mobile, tablets and smart watches.

Sony SDKs

Sony Add-on SDK (for mobile, tablet and smartwatch)
Sony Camera Remote API (for Sony digital cameras)
Sony Google TV Add-on SDK (for Sony Google TV devices)
Sony SmartEyeglass SDK (for Sony SmartEyeglass)
Lifelog API (for Lifelog)

Tutorials & Sample Apps

Mobile, Tablet and Smartwatch sample apps
Camera Remote API tutorials
Google TV tutorials