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For software development questions related to the use of developer API for Tableau Software, a family of interactive data visualization products

Tableau Software is a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. There is also a developer API for creating data extract files, and a developer API for JavaScript interaction, which provides more custom ways to interact with Tableau reports.

Main Features:

  • Connect to a large variety of data sources, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, BigQuery, Redshift, Google Analytics and Salesforce.
  • Has option to extract data to a Tableau format (tde), which is a columnar database, with good compression and high performance.
  • Drag and drop environment, little or no SQL knowledge necessary to perform most of the tasks.
  • Large set of reports available, and options to create very interactive dashboards, such as custom parameters, using charts as filter for other charts, interactive filters
  • Tableau Server allows users to have access to reports via web browser.
  • Tableau Public provides free hosting of publicly-accessible reports with limited features.

When posting questions, Tableau Public is an invaluable resource. Problematic workbooks (or example workbooks demonstrating the issues in question) can be published here to help answerers find the problem more quickly and give a more thorough solution.

In addition to Stack Overflow, a good place to get solutions to Tableau questions is on the vendor's forum.