TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that transpiles to plain JavaScript. It adds optional types to JavaScript. This tag is for questions specific to TypeScript. It is not used for general JavaScript questions.

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TypeScript is a typed superset of that transpiles to plain JavaScript. It adds optional types, interfaces, and modules to JavaScript. It was developed by Microsoft and is open source.

  • TypeScript offers modules, and interfaces to help developers build robust components.
  • TypeScript types let developers define interfaces between software components and gain insight into the behavior of existing JavaScript libraries.
  • TypeScript starts from the syntax and semantics millions of JavaScript developers know today.
  • With TypeScript, developers can use existing JavaScript code, incorporate popular JavaScript libraries, and be called from other JavaScript code.
  • TypeScript is transpiled to JavaScript code that runs on any browser, in , or in any other ES3-compatible environment.
  • TypeScript as a language extension adds (amongst others) the following features:
    • Type annotations and compile-time type checking
    • Namespaces
    • Interfaces
    • Enums (to define a set of named constants)
    • Generics (classes, types, and functions that can work over a variety of types)

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