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GENERAL UBUNTU SUPPORT IS OFF-TOPIC. Support questions may be asked at Ubuntu is a free desktop and server operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. This tag is for programming questions specific to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a free desktop and server operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Note: Questions concerning the use and administration of Ubuntu, running third-party applications, development, or services provided by Ubuntu may be better suited for Ask Ubuntu rather than Stack Overflow.


The goal of the Ubuntu project is to provide a free computer environment, centered on a Linux distribution and complemented by online services. See Ubuntu's mission for full details.


The core of the Ubuntu distribution contains a -based desktop environment which is tightly integrated to the system, in particular providing a GUI for hardware management and system administration. The supported core also includes other desktop environments such as , although their integration is managed by side projects such as Kubuntu.

Ubuntu includes a small amount of non-free software such as drivers. Ubuntu offers a large amount of packages directly taken from Debian's unstable distribution, in the form of the universe repository.

There is a release of Ubuntu every six months: one in April and one in October. One in four is a long-term support (LTS) release, the latest being (Jammy Jellyfish), released in April 2022. LTS releases get 5 years of full support (with additional support available), while non-LTS releases get 9 months.


Side projects of Ubuntu include:

  • Kubuntu: managing the integration of KDE into Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Studio: for multimedia production.
  • Xubuntu: managing the integration of Xfce into Ubuntu.
  • Lubuntu: managing the integration of LXDE into Ubuntu, focusing on speed and energy efficiency.


Common tasks