XIB is the file format for Interface Builder, which is a development tool for the Mac OS X & iOS platforms.

is a software development application for Apple's Mac operating system. It is part of (formerly Project Builder), the Apple Developer Connection developer's toolset. Interface Builder allows and Carbon developers to create interfaces for applications using a graphical user interface. The resulting interface is stored as a .nib file, short for NeXT Interface Builder, or more recently, as a .xib () file.

Interface Builder is descended from the NeXTSTEP development software of the same name. A version of Interface Builder is also used in the development of OpenStep software, and a very similar tool called Gorm exists for GNUstep. On March 27, 2008, a specialized iPhone version of Interface Builder allowing interface construction for iPhone applications was released with the iPhone SDK Beta 2. As of Xcode 4, Interface Builder no longer exists as a separate application, and its functionality is directly integrated into Xcode.

The Interface Builder editor within Xcode makes it simple to design a full user interface without writing any code. Simply drag and drop windows, buttons, text fields, and other objects onto the design canvas to create a functioning Mac, iPhone, or iPad user interface.

Because Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are built using the Model-View-Controller pattern, it is easy to independently design your interfaces, separate from their implementations. User interfaces are actually archived Cocoa or Cocoa Touch objects (saved as .nib files), and OS X and iOS will dynamically create the connection between UI and code when the app is run.