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Doesnt understand attribute ?android:attr/textAppearanceLarge

The Android TextAppearance attribute is a special attribute used to apply text-specific styling to your View components. The TextAppearance attribute is created to help Android developers create a ...
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> and < gets converted to &gt; and &lt; while adding a xml like string in element.setTextContent()

That the content is escaped is intended. When you set the text content of an element, any special character like < have to be escaped like &lt;, otherwise the text content will be interpreted ...
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SQL Server extract data from XML column without tag names

You can use something like: SELECT N.C.value('let $i := . return count(//xml_line[. << $i]) + 1', 'int') as LineNumber, Item.Node.value('local-name(.)', 'varchar(max)') name, Item....
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How to manipulate xml based on the specific tags?

You are close, except TYPE isn't an attribute, it is a tag/element, so [TYPE='FIRST'] will not work. Instead what you can do is iterate through all of the OUTER tags/elements, and test to see if they ...
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