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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 39985
a control structure used by many programming languages to iterate over a range. It is a way of repeating statements a number of times until the loop ends. Depending on the language this …
× 39854
Microsoft Access, also known as Microsoft Office Access, is a database management system from Microsoft that commonly combines the relational Microsoft Jet/ACE Database Engine with a graphical user in…
× 39357
a general purpose OS that was developed by Bell Labs in the late 1960s and today exists in various versions. Important note: This tag is exclusively for programming questi…
× 39126
A session refers to the communication between a single client and a server. A session is specific to the user and for each user a new session is created to track all the requests from that user.
× 38941
an Apache open-source project that provides software for reliable and scalable distributed computing. The core consists of a distributed file system (HDFS) and a resource manager (YARN). …
× 38792
a tabular data structure. Usually, it contains data where rows are observations and columns are variables of various types. While "data frame" or "dataframe" is the term used for this …
× 38666
the third major version of Model-View-Controller extension for developing web applications in a .NET framework.
× 38352
a functional programming language featuring strong static typing, lazy evaluation, extensive parallelism and concurrency support, and unique abstraction capabilities.
× 38346
a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.
× 38305
a control structure in many programming languages that changes the execution flow depending on a condition.
× 38175
React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components. The focus of React Native is on d…
× 37738
Apple's application-development framework for macOS, consisting of Foundation, Application Kit, and Core Data. Use the "cocoa-touch" tag for iOS questions.
× 37600
Fragments represent reusable behaviors or portions of user interface in an Android app.
× 37584
the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it is declared to be.
× 37309
an open standard for electronic document exchange maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Questions can be about creating, reading, ed…
× 37249
an e-commerce platform written in PHP atop the Zend framework. Questions should be related to writing code for Magento. General Magento questions may be asked on https://magento.stackexchan…
× 37120
Internet Explorer (commonly abbreviated to IE or MSIE) is a web browser developed by Microsoft and is included as part of Microsoft Windows.
× 36763
for questions about Apache Tomcat (or simply Tomcat, formerly also Jakarta Tomcat) which is an open source Servlet Container developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Most quest…
× 36520
a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communications over the Internet. Often, SSL is used as a blanket term and refers to both the SSL protocol and the Transport…
× 36009
For issues specific to version 4 of Rails. If your question applies to Ruby on Rails in general, use the tag [ruby-on-rails].
× 35826
a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE developed by Unity Technologies. It is a commercial development platform for creating apps, games and simulations with 3D, 2D, VR and AR cont…
× 35583
a Java specification for accessing, persisting, and managing data between Java objects/classes and a relational database. It is part of the EJB 3.0 specification and …
× 35348
a form of parametric polymorphism found in a range of languages, including .NET languages, Java and in Swift.
× 35267
For questions on Adobe's cross-platform multimedia runtime used to embed animations, video, and interactive applications into web pages. For questions related to memory, use the tag [flash-memory].
× 34649
a universal identifier on the web. A URL is a reference to a web resource at a specific location, and provides a means for retrieving that resource.
× 34590
the rapid display of a sequence of visuals in order to create an illusion of movement or change.
× 34502
an Open Source (Apache 2), Distributed, RESTful, Search Engine based on Lucene.
× 34414
a tablet computer designed by Apple running the iOS operating system. iPad applications are usually written in Objective-C or Swift in the Xcode IDE, although it is also possible to use other …
× 34387
The Cocoa Touch Frameworks that drive iOS apps share many proven patterns found on the Mac, but were built with a special focus on touch-based interfaces and optimization.
× 33798
a model-view-presenter framework typically used to create HTML form based web applications. Using the standard components and render kit, stateful HTML views can be define…
× 33551
a free, open-source cross-platform web browser. Use this tag if your question is related to the inner workings of Firefox or if it relates to code that is not working on Firefox whi…
× 33357
a strategy for deferring operations with high latency or low priority, usually in an attempt to improve performance, responsiveness, and / or composability of software. Suc…
× 33164
A response by a webserver, that asks the user agent to not show the response body, but instead request a different resource.
× 33083
a platform consisting of Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac and Xamarin Test Cloud. It allows you to write cross-platform native Apps for iOS, Android and Mac and follow your app thr…
× 33064
a library and command-line tool for transferring data using various protocols such as HTTP, FTP and SFTP. The cURL project produces two products, libcurl and cURL. This tag covers all usages o…
× 33063
a plotting library for Python which may be used interactively or embedded in stand-alone GUIs. Its compact "pyplot" interface is similar to the plotting functions of MATLAB®.