Spotlight what makes your company a great place to work

Stack Overflow Talent makes it easy to promote your company’s benefits and the work your team does. Authentically tell your story and cut through the noise.

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of developers look at company blogs and videos when looking for a new job.
of say company culture influences their decision to choose a job.

Build a candidate pipeline and continue engaging

Our Company Awareness solution helps you build a strong candidate pipeline, tell an ongoing employer branding story, and stay top of mind and engaged with candidates.

Ads that are easy to setup and always on

Stack Overflow Talent automatically targets your ads to the talent you are looking for. No need to worry about ad creatives or managing a budget. Ads are created using the information you provide in your Company Page. Engaging people with your employer brand has never been easier.

Tell your story in your own words

When you are ready to take your employer branding initiatives to the next level, Stack Overflow Talent empowers you take control. Promote different aspects of your company’s identity to different personas. Direct them to the content you want them to see as they learn more about your company.

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We specialize in employer branding solutions for technology teams.
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