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We can help you build a thriving company knowledge base by leveraging years of experience building one of the top digital communities in the world.

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Services built for successful knowledge sharing and collaboration

Teams isn’t just another new knowledge management tool. It’s your company’s homebase for knowledge. A homebase that relies on transparent knowledge sharing and a thriving community of contributors.

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Community experts

Our team has years of expertise on community building and helping our customers integrate workflows and APIs, customize onboarding and training, and build bespoke internal marketing programs.

API Support & Training

Get training and support to integrate your tech stack with our API.

Internal Marketing

We’ll help you roll out your new Team with a bang.

How can we support you?

We have offerings and support to fit every organization’s unique needs, all with a focus on adoption and long-term engagement.

Topics we cover, depending on the package:

Communication Best Practices
Rollout Strategy
Content and Tagging Strategy
Awareness Strategy
Adoption Strategy
Asking Good Questions
Community Best Practices