Microsoft Teams integration offers double the knowledge sharing power

Knowledge sharing, information discovery, and getting work done just got easier with our Microsoft Teams integration. Our out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Teams enhances your existing communication workflows.

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How our integration with Microsoft Teams works

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Access answers in Microsoft Teams

Ask a question to the Microsoft Teams bot and receive the best-matching result directly in chat.

View the suggested answer or related posts with a simple click from your chat window.

If there are no answers to your question, receive a prompt to ask on Stack Overflow for Teams.

Get instant notifications

Automate notifications to ensure various teams within Microsoft Teams are kept up-to-date.

Set up tag-based push notifications to share new questions, answers, and comments directly to your Microsoft Team.

Get a preview of any new information related to a tag without leaving Microsoft Teams.

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Build your knowledge repository

Drive adoption of Stack Overflow for Teams and break previous knowledge sharing habits with our integration. The questions and answers that used to quickly get lost in chat can now easily be integrated into a searchable database with lasting value.

We know developers are important, they’re expensive, and we want to make sure we’re maximizing their value.

Developer services manager, Finance industry

See why Q&A is quickly becoming the preferred format for knowledge sharing by companies of all sizes.

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