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Level up your support by providing information to your customers using a natural interface: questions and answers.

Learn how engineers use a private and secure version of our flagship Q&A engine to:

Better customer experience
Save your team time
Improve customer collaboration

Better customer experience

Stack Overflow Enterprise allows multiple-team permissions, allowing your clients secure 24/7 access to a knowledge base of answers.

Your customers can search and find answers without waiting to hear back from support
Create tags specific to your company’s product or solution and keep clients informed of updates or outages
With a self-serve model, your customers can get the information they need and get back to work

What customers are saying

It’s far better than a wiki, which takes time to write, makes guesses about what people will need to know, and gets stale over time. This stays as up-to-date, relevant, and useful as the regular Stack Overflow, without any extra effort.

J.J. Fliegelman
Chief Technology Officer

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Stack Overflow for Teams is great for documenting one-off developer questions. We now have a centralized and searchable platform to keep documentation for popular questions from our developer teams.

Kyla Bouldin
Software Engineer

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Real change in your company

reduction in support tickets

A Fortune 100 multinational technology company with a growing engineering team deployed Stack Overflow Enterprise for their developer tools customer success department. They realized a 30% reduction in support emails and a 20% reduction in repeat support tickets.

increase in support efficiency

A cutting-edge technology company used Stack Overflow Enterprise to provide high-quality, searchable answers to frequently asked questions, and achieved a 20% increase in overall efficiency.

We’re powering organizations across every industry

Stack Overflow helps enable developers across the globe—no matter the industry or company size.

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