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ember-cli-code-coverage mocha showing 0% coverage when there are tests

I'm using ember-cli-code-coverage with ember-cli-mocha. When I run COVERAGE=true ember test I'm getting 0% coverage for statements, functions, and lines. Yet, I have tests that are covering those ...
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Sneaking lenses and CPS past the value restriction

I'm encoding a form of van Laarhoven lenses in OCaml, but am having difficulty due to the value restriction. The relevant code is as follows: module Optic : sig type (-'s, +'t, +'a, -'b) t val ...
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"NotSupportedException" when WebRequest is unable to find a creator for that prefix

I have a really strange problem with WebRequest in a ServiceStack web application (hosted by XSP on Mono). It seems that the registration of request modules works in a very strange way; I am using ...
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Implementing VPN with L2TP protocol in iOS app

In iOS settings, there are options to create a VPN configuration using IPSec, IKEv2, and L2TP. Using the NetworkExtension framework from Apple there's an option to create VPN using IPSec and IKEv2 ...
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Logcat error message - Attempted to destroy barrier with non zero count

I'm making an android app in Android Studio, integrating ParseCloud and when I try to retrieve some JSONObject from the cloud, I get this error message after step-debugging: 12-13 13:32:34.857 25631-...
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alignof(T) with T=__m512 is not equal to alignof(__m512)

I ran into a strange situation that alignof(__m512) is not equal to std::alignment_of<__m512>::value compiled by Apple's clang. After some testing I found that when alignof(T) is evaluated ...
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External Sharepoint site's text inputs inaccessible on iPhone and iPad

I have a form setup in a webpart in our SharePoint solution and am having an issue when testing on Apple devices where the input fields are not accessible/appear to be grayed out. This application ...
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How does the chrome browser determine memory cache and disk cache?

I knew that Google Chrome supports from memory cache and from disk cache when I request resources. However, I didn't see from memory cache before. How does chrome determine which resources should be ...
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Is recent GTK 3.22 still Boehm GC friendly (thread issue)?

The Boehm's conservative garbage collector is quite useful (e.g. Bigloo is using it, Guile is using something similar, etc....), notably on Linux (which is the only OS I care about; I'm using Debian/...
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How to do rest authentication with Spring Social?

I have implemented Spring Social + Spring Security as outlined in the Spring security examples (and with spring security java config). I reported couple of problems at the time (see https://jira....
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Generic Angular Components - Optional Bindings

I want to create a bunch of generic component (angular 1.5) with multiple optional binding that would be used inside multiple applications. I am afraid it will create a lot of unnecessary watchers ...
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E/libEGL: validate_display:99 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY) android os 7.1 nougat

I am getting the following error while running my app on Android OS 7.1 Nougat. E/libEGL: validate_display:99 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY)[ 04-21 10:19:18.788 4410: 4622 D/ ] ...
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Populating nested dropdowns using backpack for Laravel

Has anyone here ever created a nested dropdown within the backpack's cruds? I've got this crud controller which handles the 'Campaign' model - $this->crud->addField([ 'name' => '...
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android ndk gdb loaded sharedlibraries missing *.oat

Both gdb 7.7 and gbd 7.11 missed some shared libraries when debugging my device (oppo r7s). I've pulled all libraries to local. Here is a complete list of libraries shown by info shared (gdb) info ...
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How can I dispatch on traits relating two types, where the second type that co-satisfies the trait is uniquely determined by the first?

Say I have a Julia trait that relates to two types: one type is a sort of "base" type that may satisfy a sort of partial trait, the other is an associated type that is uniquely determined by the base ...

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