如果你懂中文的话,欢迎阅读我的博客文章(Website )

Welcome to my Chinese twitter(微博): http://weibo.com/519967919

Hi, I am Strongart, I am a young mathematician and philosopher in China. I study maths by myself and make some videos to teach commutative algebra, functional analysis and other topics at the internet just like the Khan Academy and MIT open courses.

2010-2011:Commutative algebras(First Courses)(1-30)

2012:functional analysis(1-24)

2013-2014:operator algebras(after functional analysis)(25-60)

2014— :Commutative rings(Advanced commutative algebras)(1-3+)

I also make some philosophica videos,talk show videos and game videos.

If you have some Chinese friends and students who are really like mathematics and you are also glad to send a letter to him showing that this guy has a little talent in maths, maybe that will become a great help for me.