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249 votes

std::string to char*

231 votes

Circle line-segment collision detection algorithm?

171 votes

How do I create a release build in Xcode?

167 votes

what is the difference between OLE DB and ODBC data sources?

153 votes

Is OpenGL coordinate system left-handed or right-handed?

88 votes

How do you access the individual elements of a glsl mat4?

74 votes

OpenGL - Question about the usage of glDepthMask

70 votes

Calculating a LookAt matrix

69 votes

How do I set the icon for my application in visual studio 2008?

63 votes

Should I use virtual, override, or both keywords?

58 votes

What is the symbol for a queue?

56 votes

How do I run Python code from Sublime Text 2?

55 votes

getopt.h: Compiling Linux C-Code in Windows

49 votes

How to project a point onto a plane in 3D?

43 votes

"UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE!" Error using SSH into Amazon EC2 Instance (AWS)

37 votes

How to define a nested member template outside a class template?

36 votes

Checking equality of 2 DOM Elements

32 votes

What happens when you divide by 0 in a shader?

32 votes

Purpose of Unions in C and C++

28 votes

How do I pass a variable by reference?

26 votes

Why does C++ disallow anonymous structs?

25 votes

Printf width specifier to maintain precision of floating-point value

24 votes

How to convert a 3x3 rotation matrix into 4x4 matrix?

23 votes

What does 'dereferencing' a pointer mean in C/C++?

23 votes

sscanf for doubles

22 votes

How to display a stack trace when an exception is thrown

21 votes

Confused with Voronoi diagram algorithm (Fortune's sweepline)

20 votes

How to swap two variables in JavaScript

19 votes

How expensive is RTTI?

19 votes

jQuery .find() doesn't return data in IE but does in Firefox and Chrome

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