How to write a class text (by me, Rosary):

When you should feel dumb: If you can remember your name and know how to spell it, you're fine. At least one thing on the class test will be right. Next Step: Learn how to spell the date and know which day it is at the day. Then you have to right things on the class test. After that, only after that, you're allowed to panic.

If you don't want to panic (which is always the right decision) you do the following step. Read the questions of the test. You understand most questions? That's cool. You don't? That's okay. Don't become desperate. Go to the first question. Read it. Every letter. You know all letters? WONDERFUL! You don't? Well, you should train that to the next class test. Well, check the worst, and underline those you don't understand. Still don't get the question? Okay. Move on to the next question, repeat this. And on.

You don't get the hole test? That's awful, but okay. Just guess something. Everything is better than a blank page. Try to remember something from the lessons in this subject, even if that was a while ago. You don't remember anything from the lessons? Okay. Things are getting tough. Make something up. Something genius-like. Take some things you heard of in the TV. Make it funny, if you don't get the test, then you can't do something better.

At least it will be fun. And study next time. But not understanding the test is nothing bad. Don't have a blackout.

(No, I never used this. I made this just up, because I didn't know what to do for the task "About me". So, I kinda followed it ...)

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