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35 votes

Swift : Create a multi-function multicast delegate

17 votes

How to toggle running Xcode project in debug or release mode by using only shortcut keys?

16 votes

Swift extension of a class ONLY when it conforms to a specific protocol

15 votes

Customize text color of UIDatePicker for iOS7 (just like Mailbox does)

12 votes

UITableView within UIScrollView using autolayout

4 votes

Swift Language Multicast Delegate

3 votes

Relation to User class via pointer: Error code 102

2 votes

Can I tell if my app is running under Apple Test Flight Beta

1 vote

Parse - using ACL for future users

0 votes

Parse iOS Facebook Login when in production

0 votes

Opening an Native ios App inside an Another App?

0 votes

Geo Push Notifications with

0 votes

notify when data changes in parse sdk ios

0 votes

SWIFT APN being sent but not recieved

0 votes querying all users in a tableview

0 votes

how to display CFStringType? Like kABHomeLabel

0 votes

How do i prevent duplicates in RealmSwift List?

0 votes

How to query/curl for Parse installation without objectId

0 votes

iPhones proximity sensor gives wrong data

0 votes

PFObject's saveInBackgroundWithBlock: method - the block doesn't get called

-1 votes

Detect TestFlight?

-2 votes

NSDateFormatter no space to am/pm

-8 votes

How to tell at runtime whether an iOS app is running through a TestFlight Beta install