Dan Violet Sagmiller

  • 2 MVPs awarded by Microsoft for my work in Unity and Visual Studio.
  • Published books on Unity AI, XNA & C#
  • I lead the SDC for a while, a programmers meetup, watching it rise over 2000 members.
  • I spoke at Unite 2017, on SOLID in Unity, and a variety of other conferences as well.
  • I was certified in Unity the first time certifications were run in the mid-west.
  • I initially lead the development and architecture on NASA Kennedy Space Center's simulations for the Shuttle Launch and Mars Base experiences, which included a self healing network with TCP and UDP.
  • I have a course on real-time procedural terrain in Unity.
  • I also have a course on creating an RTS with AI in Unity, which has had near 100k paid hits.