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I am a long time computer geek. I have experience in many aspects related to computing both in practical and theoretical perspectives. Since very young, I have installed and played around with many OS's, languages, systems. I obtained a Phd in computer science on the topic of information extraction from the web (what is now called web scrapping). The idea was to see how symbolic machine learning could be applied to build web scrappers using a couple of labeled extraction tags. After a couple of years in a research environment, I then worked for a software editor mainly as a software architect before creating my own start-up 109lab with two associates. I am now back in research for at least a year working on the topic of privacy-preserving recommendation.

I have interests (too ?) many topic. To name of few, I like computer languages (whatever form functional, declarative, imperative), data integration, machine learning, information retrieval (search), semantic web, distributed computing.

I am quite fond of the software developed by the Apache community such as Lucene, Camel, Mahout (although I have had time to put it to practive yet), Zookeeper, and also of course the Apache HTTP server :).

Language-wise I have worked with Perl, Java, XSLT, OCaml, Prolog, C, C++, some Python... but my choices go more to the languages environment than to its particular syntax or whatever (I have only few interest in language flame-wars).

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