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In School But loves to code!
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I love to work with technology. I remember the the first time I saw a phone I thought to myself “Wow that’s awesome, I wonder how this works”. And ever since then I have been trying to make an “electronic” career for myself. I started off with Youtube making videos everyday to no avail, then it was Twitch streaming whenever I had a spare moment or two. Until one day I saw an ad for something called “Mimo”. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to make a game. Then a few weeks later I had a brilliant idea for an app and I decided I would get to work. The only problem was I didn’t know how to make this idea a reality, so I started watching YouTube tutorials and went right back to Mimo to still not be able to code my app. Then all of a sudden I got a notification email one day from someone who is a well known developer, it was for free coding coding classes to help you kickstart your career. I am deeply grateful for those classes because without them I wouldn’t be here still looking to make my app not only mine, but the Whole worlds to call home. Although I have not been able to create my app yet I will continue trying and if anyone has any suggestions or wants to help and/or get more details about me and my projects you can contact me At [email protected]. Thank you for taking the time to read this long message about me but I hope everyone has an amazing day and don’t forget to be great!

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